Rethinking Dementia Care: #BanBPSD

Our first published Letter to the Editor, promoting the continuation of the campaign to ban the false construct known as BPSD (Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia). A few years ago, Professor Dawn Brooker started a group called “GAP in Dementia Care”, which consisted of a large group of academics, dementia professionals and included people with dementia who have the lived experience. Many from this last group of members (people with dementia) also have extensive knowledge about dementia, well beyond our experiences of being diagnosed, but have the added ‘benefit’ of knowing what it is really like to live with dementia from the inside out.

As a past nurse who has worked in aged and dementia care, and someone who has been a family care partner to people who have died from dementia, I thought I knew a lot… How wrong was I!

But I digress… I wanted to explain…

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Rehabilitation and Dementia

At last, many people are on the same page as people with dementia, who have been asking and ultimately begging for rehabilitation and human rights for many years. I’m past caring who takes the credit, receives the kudos for this positive change, as long as it changes!!!

Below is a list of just a few articles on the topic…  Thanks to James McLoughlin for alerting me to some of them.

Any academics out there who follow me here, and want to write papers on this topic, we’ve made your work just a little easier! If you are a health care professional, including a medical doctor, consider reading these articles and applying them in practice.

  1. Ahlskog, J. E. (2011). Does vigorous exercise have a neuroprotective effect in Parkinson disease? Neurology, 77(3), 288–294.
  2. Artigas, N. R., Striebel, V. L. W., Hilbig, A., & Rieder, C. R. de M. (2015). Evaluation of quality…

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fantastic achievement

2017-national-winnersWe spent the last few days in Canberra for the  National Australian Of The Year 2017 Awards events and ceremony. My sincere congratulations go to the four national winners, all very worthy and remarkable recipients. All 32 finalists were truly delighted they were nominated to represent the nation, and we all wish those now representing our great country well in their new roles. I’ve added a few images from our few days away, though cannot remember names of everyone, so if you are interested, that is now your job to find out who they are, if you don’t recognise anyone!

There have been moments when winning the state title has brought on a few of the very worst experiences or moments my life, but this last week, it has felt like we were totally wrapped in a cocoon of love. I remain eternally thankful and grateful for the love and support of my…

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Congratulations to the National AOTY Winners


It’s still a long road to full inclusion for people with dementia

Sad to say, I wrote this two years ago..and the reality today, is, that dementia discrimination continues to exist, everywhere, in our communities, in our health services..notwithstanding many good people are doing great work…it is not enough..

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